Appledore in Sherlock – it’s a real place

A lot of people, including the Healys residential conveyancing team in Brighton, are well aware that there are many highly desirable properties in Brighton and Hove, as well as the surrounding area.

However, as of 10pm last Sunday, when the final episode of the third series of Sherlock came to a close, a large number of eyes in the UK will have turned to Gloucestershire.

This is where Swinhay House, known as Appledore in His Last Vow, is located. Yes, you read correctly, that vast ‘evil lair’ of glass, Cotswold stone, and metal cladding, actually exists.

‘Businessman’ Charles Augustus Magnussen’s home is a real building in one physical location – not a mish-mash of well-edited visits to a range of properties across Britain, thrown in with some computer graphics for views of the exterior of the house.

This contemporary mansion is owned by successful engineer and millionaire Sir David McMurtry, and was built by developer Swinhay Ltd.

Oddly enough though – despite boasting 30,000sq ft of space, beautiful surrounding green belt countryside, eight bedrooms, three separate wings, a two lane bowling alley, a 25metre swimming pool, a panorama room, triple-glazed windows, and much more – the property is currently not being lived in.

Apparently, Sir David McMurtry’s wife thinks it’s simply too ostentatious. She is much happier living in a more modest home.

Nevertheless, this architectural wonder is not going to waste. Every year the building is used for various charity functions, and in 2013 hosted an open-air performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

How much would it cost to buy? We wouldn’t hazard a guess – especially now that it’s been featured in such a popular series.

If it ever does come onto the market, our London and Brighton residential conveyancing teams will be very interested to know how much the new owner purchases the property for, and whether the first thing they plan on doing when they get the keys is sitting on a leather sofa sipping whisky…

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