MP announces lone-living arrangements prior to divorce financial settlement

16th December 2010

In what is being seen as a bid to affect a divorce financial settlement in his favour, Lib Dem minister Chris Huhne has publicly announced that he will not be marrying or living with his mistress.

Divorce lawyers have immediately reacted with analysis suggesting that the Energy Secretary's statement, which pointedly asserts his intention to live alone following separation from his wife of 26 years, is likely to reduce the terms of any financial settlement.

Following the multi-millionaire's highly publicised affair with his aide, Carina Trimingham, his wife, Vicky Pryce, has instructed her family law team to seek dissolution of their marriage on the ground of "admitted adultery".

However, if the MP does not remarry or cohabit following the divorce and subsequently share household bills and expenses, his personal outgoings will be higher, therefore making his disposable income lower.

As such, any agreed maintenance payments will consequently be reduced.

Mr Huhne, whose wealth is estimated at around £3.5 million made up of personal properties in London and Hampshire and rental properties in London and Oxford, did not comment on the upcoming divorce financial settlement, but a family friend told the Sunday Times, "As part of the divorce proceedings, Chris has apparently officially stated that he has no intention of remarrying or cohabiting.

"This may come as news to Carina. Vicky was also very surprised."

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